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Financial Support

There is a range of funding and practical support available for initial teacher trainees.

Tuition fees

Funding is available to help you train to teach. You can apply for:

  • a tuition fee loan of up to £9,250 to cover your teacher training, so you do not need to pay course fees upfront.

  • a maintenance loan of up to £13,022 to help with living costs.

You can still apply for a tuition fee and a means-tested maintenance loan if you already have a student loan, and regardless of whether you get a teaching bursary or scholarship.

You will only have to make loan repayments once you are earning over a certain amount.

Tuition fees and maintenance loans

Student finance calculator

Bursaries & Scholarships

You may be eligible for a bursary or scholarship when training to teach. These are tax-free amounts of money you receive to train in some subjects. Unlike a Student Loan, you do not need to pay this back.

  • Your bursary or scholarship will be paid in a minimum of 10 equal monthly instalments from October to July.
  • You must be eligible for student finance to receive a bursary or scholarship (unless you’re training to teach physics or languages).
  • You cannot receive both a teaching bursary and a scholarship.
  • You cannot receive a scholarship or bursary if your teacher training course is salaried.

Click here to see if your chosen course is eligible for a bursary or scholarship


  • a bachelor’s degree class 2:2 (honours) or higher

  • a master’s degree

  • a PhD

If your course combines two subjects (for example, English and history), at least 50% of your course content must be made up of the bursary subject to be considered eligible.

You will also need to meet the bursary scheme’s individual terms and conditions.

Find out more about your eligibility for teaching bursaries

You do not need to apply for a bursary. If you’re eligible, you’ll automatically receive it.


  • a bachelor’s degree class 2:1 (honours) or higher

  • a master’s degree

  • a PhD

In exceptional circumstances, if you achieved a 2:2 in your degree and have significant relevant experience, you may still be awarded a scholarship.

Scholarships are provided by charitable organisations with a passion for their subject area. They set their own eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

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