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Vision and Values

We believe that every child in every school has a right to high-quality teaching.

Too many pupils in the North of England do not achieve well in school. Disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils lag behind their peers at primary with the gap widening at secondary.  The relationship between parental wealth and background, and children’s educational outcomes is particularly strong. Teaching is the profession that can break that link. The future economic prosperity of our communities is inextricably linked to children’s aspirations and the quality of education.  

"It is teaching quality that has the biggest impact on pupil outcomes." 

Becky Francis, Chief Executive Officer, Education Endowment Foundation 

Exchange Teacher Training holds itself to a set of core values that we aim to make evident in all of our work. These values mirror the professionalism and courtesy that you will experience with our Lead Delivery Partners and with your school-based colleagues. These are ambitious standards which we set for ourselves, but we feel they are applicable not only to us but to anyone involved in education, who wants to influence the lives and prospects of young people.

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