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Ambitious Curriculum

Our pioneering curriculum is informed by leading national and international academics and informed by the deep practical wisdom of local practitioners.

Developed in partnership with Professor Stuart Kime, our curriculum will equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to become a great teacher. It prioritises the elements of the Model For Great Teaching (Great Teaching Toolkit: An Evidence Review, Evidence Based Education, 2020), the most recent full-scale evidence review of what makes great teaching.

We frame our curriculum around five big questions:
  1. What do great teachers know and understand about subject content and pedagogy?
  2. How do great teachers create a supportive learning environment?
  3. How do great teachers maximise every opportunity for learning?
  4. How do great teachers activate hard thinking?
  5. How do great teachers demonstrate inclusive professional behaviours?

Through an ambitious, evidence informed curriculum trainees will develop as lifelong, reflective practitioners who will improve the life chances of all learners. 

Sheffield Hallam University delivers and awards the PGCE element of the programme receiving the first ever 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted for their early years' initial teacher training alongside an 'Outstanding' rating for their primary teacher training.


Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum will maximise trainee progression by:

  • Placing phase and subject knowledge at the heart of the curriculum. 
  • Being informed by a strong evidence base including the Core Content Framework. 
  • Exemplification of great teaching from local, regional and national expertise. 
  • Promoting equity, inclusion and diversity. 
  • Enriching, deepening and inspiring through a range of immersive  learning experiences.
  • Building resilience, stamina and preparedness for the demands of the profession. 
  • Implementing rigorous quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation for continuous improvement. 
  • Adopting a common language to articulate learning and teaching.